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Luxury Dog Beds, Are They Worth the Investment?

Luxury Dog Beds, Are They Worth the Investment?

Dog beds come in all shapes, sizes and maybe even more importantly, budgets. But just how do you know which one to choose when there are so many options?

With the increase in the cost of living, we’ve had to become much more considered when making purchases in day-to-day life and buying the right dog bed is no different. We want to ensure that our money is being spent on something that will last and is good value for money.

We’d like to think of ourselves as Dog Bed experts here at Pawfect Pup and that’s why we pride ourselves on selecting only the best products for our four-legged friends.

When it comes to dog beds, it is true that you get what you pay for and we firmly believe that buying a quality product is better than replacing cheaper products more frequently, not just for the environmental impact but for so many other important factors too.

We’ve listed some of the main reasons we feel luxury and high quality dog beds are better than cheaper ones.

Luxury Dog Beds Support Your Dog's Joints

Well for us, the most important reason behind buying a high-quality and longer-lasting dog bed has to be the health reasons. Throughout your dog’s life, from puppy onwards, you want your dog bed to be able to offer the correct support for their bones, joints and muscles.

Of course, as your beloved pet gets older the importance of support increases and finding a dog bed that can aid your pet in the latter years of their life in particular is essential.

Poorly made, cheaper beds can often appear to offer support at the start, but you will soon see that the structure of the dog bed weakens and the comfort and support often is no longer there.

The last thing you want is to buy a new dog bed, allow your dog time to get used to it, then have to buy another because the filling has gone flat.

The cheaper materials used in these dog beds tend to be less durable whereas high-quality dog beds will offer a range of additional features to help reduce the load on your dog’s pressure points.

Luxury dog bed brands tend to also offer more breathability and moisture-repelling abilities, increasing the longevity of your dog bed.

Luxury dog bed brand Bowl and Bone, even boast an anti-allergen filling, which is perfect for even the most demanding of pooch which we think is a fab feature to have.

Looking and Smelling Fresh

OK, lets face it, dog beds can get smelly, really smelly, and it can come to a point where even your dog may not want to sleep on them.

No one wants to get to that point, so another important reason we feel high-quality dog beds are a better choice is that they are more frequently washable.
Whether these dog beds feature removable washable pads, washable covers, or even completely washable, these luxury options will be created with washability in mind, which is essential when trying to avoid the dreaded stench.

Familiarity is key 

We all prefer when something feels familiar and reliable don’t we, especially when it comes to resting, and your dog is no different. Especially for anxious dogs, finding the right dog bed that you know will be a constant is really helpful when easing anxiety. This is why finding a high-quality dog bed that you have to replace less frequently is great for reducing your pup’s stress levels.

Not only will they find comfort in the familiar smells, they will enjoy the senses they get from the fabrics and the snuggliness of a bed that really supports them, which is just what you get with a luxury dog bed from Pawfect Pup.

Extra features that make all the difference

You may be wondering what it is about the quality of a luxury dog bed that is so different from a mass-produced, cheap dog bed, and let us tell you, it’s not just about the materials used. So much care, attention and research goes into producing the perfect dog bed.

From the consideration of your dog’s sleep positions and the anatomy of different breeds, to the personalities and quirks of all dogs and how dog beds are used by their humans, our dog bed brands are invested in ensuring each dog bed is carefully created to provide the best bed possible.

Experts at Danish Design dog beds for example, have been dedicated to producing the highest quality, well-thought-out dog beds for over 40 years, they are now using their expertise to develop the use of recycled materials to bring a new generation of eco-conscious dog beds that never compromise on quality.

Laura Ashley Matching Dog Bed

A style that feels at home

OK, we know appearance isn’t everything and while we know we’re mentioning it last, we can’t ignore the importance of finding something that you can love the look of as much as your dog does.

We all put so much effort into creating a home that matches our tastes and character, so we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise on looks when it comes to your dog’s sleep space.

At Pawfect Pup, we select the styles we think would look most at home with you wonderful pet lovers. We feel the options in our dog bed range offer a luxury element that displays the quality of the product you’ve chosen.

From the beautiful country-inspired designs of Danish Designs dog beds, to the contemporary look of Bowl & Bone Republic dog beds, we believe you can find the perfect look to match your home and always be confident in the knowledge that your beloved dog is getting the best quality bed that is as wonderful as it looks.    

You can even find matching cushions to our beautiful Laura Ashley dog beds, how fantastic is that!

We hope this little guide to why choosing a luxury dog bed is better than buying a cheap one has been helpful. As always, the team at Pawfect Pup are happy to help answer any questions you may have about any of our products, not just dog beds. So feel free to get in touch if you have a question about finding the perfect product for your pup.