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Why Everyone is Talking About Danish Design Dog Beds

Why Everyone is Talking About Danish Design Dog Beds

This wonderful UK based dog bed company has got tongues and tails wagging.

Founded in Yorkshire, 40 years ago by a Danish designer, this luxury dog bed company has gone from strength to strength and is now one of the market leaders in quality dog bed providers.

Combining forward-thinking, Danish design with the honest and hard-working nature of Yorkshire, you are guaranteed to find the complete package with a Danish Designs dog bed.

It is a brand we are proud to stock and here are just a few reasons why…

Comfort for All Characters

We know that no two dogs are the same and this is reflected in the wide variety of dog bed options Danish Designs have created. We are proud to stock 12 different styles and designs, so you are bound to find the perfect choice for your four-legged friend.

The attention and care that has gone in to creating a range of dog beds to suit all characters over the past 40 years is remarkable and we just love the quality and luxury this brand has brought to the market.

So which dog bed is best suited to your dog’s character? Here’s the Pawfect Pup Danish Designs summary just for you.

For the Mud-Obsessed Pup!

Sometimes the pull of a big old puddle on that countryside walk is just too much and we know the joy in their little faces is often met with fear of our own, knowing we’ve got to get them back in the car – which is about to get ruined!

Danish Designs has really covered all bases with their genius wipe-down boot bed,, which features a removable bumper pad to keep your pooch safe and comfortable on journeys. It’s heavy-duty fabric means it is durable to even the most playful of pups.

Designed to fit most car boots, we stock this dog boot bed in Medium and Large, so you’re bound to find the right fit no matter the size of your car. We love that it comes in black so can blend in with your boot, even when you haven’t got your precious cargo on board.

For The Snugglers

We all know the one, the cuddler, the dog who is at home in their own little comfort cocoon. While doggy cuddles are the absolute best, we can’t be there for constant cuddles unfortunately, so this Danish Designs Green Tweed Snuggle Bed is the absolute best. With high back rim and supportive padding, your beloved pet will feel safe and toasty as they relax and rest.

We love the durable tweed fabric which helps this bed keep it’s shape and structure, while the furry lining gives your dog the comfort and snuggliness they need.

For the Slobbery Active Ones

The County Waterproof Deep-Filled Dog Bed is the one for the dogs who are non-stop action, who really earn their rest and drool-filled dreams. Deep-filled to pure perfection, your active pup will love nestling down into this cloud-like dog bed after a busy day of adventures.

We love how this waterproof dog bed can be easily wiped down, so those muddy paw prints and drool marks can be left in dreamland and not in your home!

Hardwearing and portable, this dog bed doubles up as the perfect option for the kitchen or the car boot, meaning you can bring comfort wherever you go. We also love how this dog bed comes in Large and Medium, so you can find the right fit for your furry pal.

For The Star-Fish Sleepers

Some of the positions our furry friends sleep in are beyond bizarre and keep us entertained on a daily basis. This dog bed has been created with those movers, shakers and star-shape makers in mind!

Large and comfortable no matter the position, the Newton Truffle Box Duvet Dog Bed by Danish Design is the perfect choice if your dog likes a variety of sleeping styles.

We love how the gorgeous earthy colour scheme will be at home in any space and even better, the durable, zip fastening cover, is fully machine washable, as is the box duvet bed itself.

Designed to repel moisture with its thermal polyester fibre filling, this dog bed is fast drying and super comfortable too.

For the Dogs Needing a Slower Pace of Life

Geo Tiles Memory Foam Danish Design Dog Bed
As our beloved pets get older, we want to make sure their later years are filled with the love and comfort they deserve. The Retreat Geo Tiles Memory Foam Duvet Dog Bed by Danish Designs offers just that.

With it’s 100% recycled memory foam filling, the bed with mould to your dog’s sleep position and provide support and warmth for their ageing joints as they rest.

The soft but durable cover makes this dog bed one of the more modern and stylish options on the market with its Geo pattern, which we absolutely adore. The cover is also removable and washable.

If your interior style is more neutral, this fab dog bed is also available in a muted blue with subtle feather design (see the Retreat Grey Duck Egg Memory Foam Dog Bed By Danish Design)

We love how this eco-friendly dog bed is practical and attractive and most importantly offers the care your elderly or injured dog needs.

For The Countryside Adventurer

After a long dog walk in the countryside, there’s nothing better than curling up and having a snooze. We’re picturing fireside relaxation and the perfect Sunday afternoon and right at home is the Deep Duvet Dog Bed By Danish Design.

Available in three gloriously gorgeous designs, this luxury dog bed is the picture-perfect addition to your home and beloved pet’s sleep space.


View the three options here:

The soft and comfortable filling brings luxury comfort to snooze times for your dog and can support them throughout their life as it offers superior support as they age and require more from their rest times.

We love how all three of the well-made, duvet dog beds from Danish Designs feature removable covers so that you can regularly keep them fresh and inviting.

For the Pampered Pooch

Some of our furry friends love their bed to feel more like a throne to match their regal personality and the Deluxe Slumber Dog Bed by Danish Designs is the ideal choice.

Cushioned to perfection and offering an unrivalled air of luxury, this is the Chesterfield of the dog world.

The quality of this dog bed, like all Danish Designs products, speaks for itself and the wide variety of sizes available means you will be sure to find the one that your pup will love.

The five sizes of the Danish Designs Deluxe Slumber Dog Bed are:

  • 45cm - 18"
  • 61cm - 24"
  • 76cm - 30"
  • 89cm - 35"
  • 101cm - 40"

The countryside-inspired artwork on this comfortable dog bed is just the thing your pet wants to come home to after a long, energetic walk. The high back and sides of this luxury dog bed offer great support and cosiness, perfect for snuggling in the warm.

So that’s our round up of this awesome range of high-quality dog beds. If your dog loves their Danish Designs dog bed, we’d love to hear more. Please share your reviews with us and give us an insight into how your dog’s personality matches their dog bed.

We’d also love to see your ‘snoozing snaps’ of your pups, so please visit us on socials and tag us.