• Grey Dogs & Horses Rolled Leather Slip Lead

Grey Dogs & Horses Rolled Leather Slip Lead



Product Description

The Grey Dogs & Horses Rolled Leather Slip Lead has strength and style.

Constructed from a tough polyester cord and then covered in soft Italian leather, this beautiful dog lead combines elegance and functionality.

The internal rope won’t rot if it gets wet and has the tensile strength of hundreds of kilos.

Silver nickel fittings complete the look.

This stylish dog lead is handmade in England.

Additional Information

Made By: Dogs & Horses

Made in England

Material: Soft Italian Leather and Silver Nickel.

Total Length: 130 cm (please read below)

Size: Due to this product being a slip lead, the length will vary depending on the width of your dog's neck.

For example, the length of the lead on an average size Labrador is approximately 80 - 90 cm, from the nape of the neck to the start of the handle.

Therefore, on a smaller breed, the length to the lead will be longer, and on a larger breed, it will be shorter.

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