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Box Duvet Inner Replacement by Danish Design

  • £34.99
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This box duvet is specifically designed for the wonderful Danish Design range.

If you already have one of our stunning Danish Design duvet covers, and just want to refresh the inside, this box duvet inner is the perfect purchase. 

Filled with supersoft thermal polyester fibre, this duvet is soft, warm and provides an even loft throughout the cushioning. 

The bed is washable as the polyester fibre will not absorb water, however, it is not suitable for tumble drying.

Additional Information

Made By: Danish Design

Suitable for the following sets:

Two Sizes:

  • Medium: (L88 cm X W67 cm X H14 cm)
  • Large: (L125 cm X W79 cm X H14 cm)

Inner Only: No cover supplied