• Red Dogs & Horses Rolled Leather Slip Lead

Red Dogs & Horses Rolled Leather Slip Lead



Product Description 

Treat yourself to this striking Red Dogs & Horses Rolled Leather Slip Lead.

Handmade in England, this classic slip lead combines strength and durability with a simple and elegant design.

The inner polyester cord was designed for yachtsmen – which means it won’t rot when wet and has great tensile strength.

Around this tough inner cord is wrapped, glued and stitched a luxury Italian leather to create a dog lead that is soft, strong and attractive.

The fittings are made from silver nickel.

Additional Information

Made By: Dogs & Horses

Made in England

Material: Soft Italian Leather and Silver Nickel.

Total Length: 130 cm (please read below)

Size: Due to this product being a slip lead, the length will vary depending on the width of your dog's neck.

For example, the length of the lead on an average size Labrador is approximately 80 - 90 cm, from the nape of the neck to the start of the handle.

Therefore, on a smaller breed, the length to the lead will be longer, and on a larger breed, it will be shorter.


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