Ruff And Tumble Classic Dog Drying Coat in Sandringham Blue


Product Description

The Ruff And Tumble Classic Dog Drying Coat in Sandringham Blue is highly functional and attractive.

Two layers of absorbent toweling extract the moisture from your dog’s fur, drying them more quickly than you can do yourself.

These dog drying coats quickly become a household necessity, minimising the amount of mud, dirt and smell that your pet brings in to your car and home.

Making towels redundant, the robes have a hooded area at the top, which is perfect for the drying of soggy ears and the head and neck area.

Easily slipped on, the drying coats have easy to use Velcro embedded in part of the lining, so that you can fasten it around the belly and neck area.

Made from soft, comfortable cotton, these dog robes keep your dog warm, cosy and content while they’re drying off.

For matching drying gloves, please click here.

Additional Information

Made By: Ruff and Tumble

Recommended by Vets

Comes with a FREE handy storage bag

Key Features:

  • Adjustable collar/hood, perfect for drying soggy ears!
  • Comfortable and breathable double thickness natural cotton towel material
  • Fastened with adjustable velcro
  • Wide flap covering the underside
  • Long fit for maximum coverage and protection


  • Wash at or below 30°C
  • Tumble dry on low heat
  • Do not bleach

Eight Regular Sizes:

Approx Weight
Breed Examples
X Small
5-8 kg
11-14 in
28-36 cm
Small Terriers, Toy Breeds, Small Jack Russells, Small Border Terriers, Maltese, Bichon Frise
7-11 kg
14-17 in
36-44 cm
Most Terriers, Small Cocker Spaniels, Border Terriers, Lhasa Apso, Shitzu, Small Cockerpoo, Small KC Cavalier spaniel, Pug, Westie, Small French Bulldog, Miniature Schnauzer, Boston Terrier
11-16 kg
17-20 in
Cocker Spaniels, Tibetan Terriers, Whippets, Shelties, Small Staffies, Cockerpoos, KC Cavalier Spaniels, Large French Bulldog, Miniature Bull Terrier
Med / Large
16-23 kg
20-23 in
51-59 cm
Springer Spaniels, Small Border Collie, Small Bearded Collie, Big Staffies, Small British Bull Dogs, Bull Terrier
23-29 kg
23-26 in
59-66 cm
Labradors, Small Retrievers, Boxers, Pointers, Bearded Collies, Large Border Collie
X Large
29-40 kg
25-28 in
64-71 cm
Large Labrador, Setter, Golden Retriever, Large Pointer, Large Labradoodle, Rotweiller, Flat Coat Retriever, Standard Poodle
30-50 kg
28-32 in
71-81 cm
German Shepherd, Large Golden Retriever, Large Setter, Large Greyhound, Large Flat Coat Retriever, Ridgeback, Large Rotweiller
50-80 kg
32-37 in
81-95 cm
Bernese Mountain Dog, Great Dane, Newfoundland, Irish Wolfhound, St Bernard

Three Specialist Sizes:

DM 4-10 kg 12-14 in
30-36 cm
Miniature Dachshund
DT 7-11 kg

14-18 in
36-46 cm

Tweenie Dachshund
(Between miniature and standard)
DS 11-14 kg 19-22 in
47-56 cm
Standard Dachshund

Three Alternative Colours:
Green, Red, Purple