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Ruff and Tumble Dog Drying Gloves in Forest Green

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Product Description

Muddy paws may seem part of the package after walking your beloved dog. Finding paw prints on your floors, furniture and walls even becomes expected. After pondering over how can we solve this problem, we’ve finally found the perfect solution.

The Forest Green Dog Drying Gloves by Ruff and Tumble are made of two layers of cotton toweling, absorbing all the mud and water that clings to your dog’s paws. Simply grab your pup before he gets through the front door, pop your mitts on and wipe clean.

The gloves allow you to see and feel the paws while cleaning them so that it easier to clean your dog thoroughly before he enters your home or car. The gloves are soft, comfortable, and long enough to protect you and your clothes from the dirt.

Additional Information

Made By: Ruff and Tumble

Product Match: Ruff And Tumble Classic Dog Drying Coat in Forest Green

One Size Fits All

Comes with Free Storage Bag

Five Alternative Colours:
Brick Red, Sandringham Blue, Mud Brown, Blackberry Purple, French Navy